Stained Glass Window Restoration

The stained glass windows in the nave of Saint Peter Church were manufactured by Carter Brothers on the South Side of Pittsburgh in the lates 1880s.  Each window contains the life size portrait of two saints.  Over the years the stained glass has started to buckle and the plexiglass protective covering has become opaque.  As a result, plans are in place to restore the windows.  The window frames in the nave are wood.  Over the years they have been painted six times.  Plans include stripping each wooden frame down to the original unfinished wood, staining the frame, and coating it with oil based polyurethane.  The stained glass in each window will also be removed, and a historic restoration [clean and relead] will be performed. Any cracked glass will be edge-glued and any broken glass will be replaced.  A new aluminum frame with protective glass and two ventilators will then be installed on the exterior of each window. The cost to restore a full window in the nave is $24,000 or $12,000 for a half-window.   Thus far five windows in the nave have been restored.  Work will continue as additional funding becomes available.  At this time we have not made arrangements for further work.  Your monetary gift, large or small, toward financing the restoration is appreciated.  We are blessed to worship in a beautiful building that has been handed on to us from previous generations of faithful and devoted Catholics who made great sacrifices.  May we also be good stewards as we restore this aging building and thus enable future generations to worship at Saint Peter Church as well.