Saint Mary Cemetery

We have a very good reason to have burial space in cemeteries that are part of our Catholic family.  Catholic cemeteries honor the Christian dead, but not merely for what they did on earth; Catholic cemeteries are monuments to eternity.  They commemorate and bear witness to our salvation and life forever in Christ.  The cemetery is a place of honor, dignity and respect, as it is a place where the mortal remains of our faithful departed lie in rest awaiting resurrection.  Saint Peter Parish is entrusted with the stewardship of Saint Mary Cemetery at 4000 Mount Troy Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15214.  Most records for the cemetery are handled by Saint Peter Parish Office.  Our parish is committed to the care and maintenance of Saint Mary Cemetery.  If you would like information regarding a burial place, cost, etc., we invite you to speak with the manager of Saint Mary Cemetery at 412-931-0255.