Please remember Saint Peter Parish in your estate.  One of the interesting statistics regarding wills is that over half of all adults who die each year die without a will.  Another interesting statistic is that very few parishioners remember their local parish with a charitable bequest at the time of their death.  This could be a source of parish income for the future.  The potential is great.  A Bequest Intention Document is a simple one-page document that allows an individual or couple to make a revocable provision to Saint Peter Parish through their estate, even if they have not yet made a will. Because the document is revocable, you can change or cancel this commitment at any time. It also enables an individual who has made a will with no provision in it for Saint Peter Parish, to make such a provision without changing their will and incurring attorney's fees.  For more information about Bequest Intention Documents, please contact the Diocesan Office of Stewardship at 412-456-3085.